Limited Offer

When you get your Hosting service using this Bluehost Link, you are offered the following services free of charge so you do not have to struggle with building your website.

Basic Installation and configuration for WordPress

WordPress Quick Guide

Menu creation 

CPanel Quick Guide

To have your website ready in minutes, configuration and installation are limited to the following sections:

A) Does not include support for ecommerce.

B) Only for Basic Plan

C) Other restrictions may apply

This guide will help you that you can generate in a future post, pages, upload content, etc.

Your menu will have 4 sections, such as About Us, Services, Projects, etc.

Mail account creation. SSL Certificate Installation – Optional Backups

These services will be offered once you have contracted a Bluehost package, so when you have contracted the service, send an email with the notification of your contract with the company to the following email,, this to validate the purchase.


If you require more support please send your questions or comments to the following address: