Quick Guide to get your Bluehost service

In order to have a Website with Bluehost, it is necessary that you hire the Hosting service and Register your Domain, with this guide you can quickly hire these services so that you can have your Website in no time.

Pre Requirements to contract the Service

1- You must have your Business Name ready as you want it to be registered to have your Domain, the domain is how your business will be called on the internet, example: mybusinessname.com

2- You should have a payment system ready, such as a debit card, credit card or PayPal, I know that this issue is a bit complicated, but don’t worry, Bluehost has a very secure payment system with which you can be sure that there is no fraud.

Let’s Start, enter to this link

1- Select the “Basic” Plan, this package is the most accessible and that allows you to have everything that a website requires if in the future you need to change the package you can do it without any problem. In the same way, you are not conditioned to start with the “Basic” plan you can start with the plan that best suits your needs.

2- Description of the Basic Plan.

Websites: how many websites can you have in this plan

Website space: 50 GB storage capacity

Bandwidth: unlimited bandwidth

Performance: server performance

SSL Certificado: SSL certificate that but allows your website to have online payment services among others.

Include domains: domains included

Parked domains: domains name that can be used with your current hosting need special configuration.

Email accounts: email accounts.

Email storage: email storage

3- Creating your domain name, there are two options for this:

   A) Use the option “Create a new domain” in this type in the box the name as you want your business to be called on the internet.Click Next, the system tells you if that name is available otherwise you will need to use another name.

B) if you already have a domain name enter it in the box and click Next

4- You must create an account, for this, you must provide the information requested below

5- Be sure to select the information as shown in the image below, to be a total of 59.40 dollars

6- Enter your card information to make the payment and select the box below. When you finish entering the data press the Submit button to make your payment.

7- Well, finally you will receive an email confirming your payment and your purchase of the Basic package. Ready you have your Web Hosting service

8- The next thing is that you configure your website, this part can be configured by you, or look for some YouTube guides on how to do it, or you can hire my support service where I help you set up your website through wordpress.